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Proposal Application Submission

Directions: In a separate document, please provide the following information. Send the completed information to Helen Halaris,

Name of Project

Period of Performance


Faculty Mentor (if any)

Faculty Mentor Email

Project Participants
Please complete this section for each member of the team.

  1. Name
  2. Gender
    • Male
    • Female
    • Other
  3. Race
    • Native American
    • Pacific Islander
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    • All other

Please submit one paragraph that describes project relevance with aerospace/NASA.

Total budget
Include MASGC fund request with all other sources of funds.

Cost share
NASA funds require a 2:1 cost share. Cost share must be non-federal and can be in-kind. See cost share form here for more information. Applications from institutions require cost share to be submitted by an official who can commit funds such as OSP, Dean, or a Provost.

Send the completed information to Helen Halaris,